Stephen Bloy @ The Voice
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In January 2015 Stephen appeared on BBC's The Voice.

Within three days of his performance there had been over 70,000 YouTube hits.

By early March it was almost a quarter of a million!
Currently there are over 430,000 hits.

Watch Stephen's performance now!

(The full version has been removed from YouTube.)

Comments from other listeners include

  • " Best voice on The Voice ever bar none for me"
  • "…dedication to the music, singing straight from the heart and touching the [audience] with sheer purity and talent. I can't begin to tell how disappointed I am with the coaches not turning for this voice and the honesty within."
  • "Stephen has a classically trained voice (see his website) with top flight musicians. He has won awards for his singing. Personally, I would like him to get a recording contract [off] the back of this performance so I can buy his music. I don't know what the armchair critics are talking about. So much better than many of the voices one hears on the airwaves..."
  • "One of the best voices of the night didn't get through! What a shame!"
  • "How can this show even be called the voice, and a voice like this not be put through?"
  • "Beautiful voice and when I look at this man I see only goodness and purity. Also look at the audience at 1:07. For me that's enough proof of this man's sheer talent..."
  • "This is one of my favourite songs ever and probably one of my favourite renditions of it, it is meant to be a soulful prayer not a roof raiser... very poignant and a lovely tone."
  • "One of my favorite songs ever, and it was beautifully performed <3"
  • "the new unofficial most under-watched audition. Wonderful voice, such a shame none picked him."